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Fiery Eyes

The wild horse with the fiery eyes

They were sure could not be tamed,

He bucked and kicked up clouds of dust

In a blur of tail and mane.


The little boy with the fiery eyes

A hard time is what he gave,

He screamed and yelled and threw a fit

The boy they said could not behave.


It took patience too calm the horse

And kindness even more,

It was slow to build its trust,

You see, it was hurt by man before.


It took love to show the boy

That he didn’t have to fight,

To get the attention that he needed

And that it would be alright.


Force did not tame them

Neither did neglect,

The only thing they both needed

Was kindness, patience and respect.


For the boy and the horse

There was just one thing to do,

Just put out your hand…

And let them come to you.

 By: Melodye Denisov


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