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Events and Happenings

This page will keep track of different events that happen at Painted Acres as well as highlight shows that we have attended. We will also highlight what is going on with Painted Acres staff and boarders. Check back often for updates! (hint - click on the pictures to see a larger view of them)


Congratulations to Painted Acres on their recent adoption of Sparkle.  He will live the rest of his days at out farm teaching young kids just how great horses are !!
After 7 long years of recovery , Melvin made it back into the show ring.  On 09/13/2009 he attended the NRVFC Benefit Horse Show and was shown in Open Pleasure by his owner Ellen Vivian who walked away with 2 firsts and a second and also Champion for the Division and also shown in one class of Childrens Pleasure by KerriAnne Mazur who took a 2nd place.  Congrats to Melvin on your comeback!!!!

On July 26th 2009 we were visited by a group of Inner City children who got to meet and ride a few of our horses.  Special thanks to Jeff Eckhart and his horse Athena for their help.

IT'S A BOY!! Congratulations to Mark and Amy Lutz who had a baby boy (Logan) on April 20, 2009. Logan was 7lbs, 2 oz and 21 inches long. Amy, Mark and Morgan are all doing well. We wish them the best with their newest family member. Click here to see pictures of Logan and family.
Zeppelin's First Snow Storm

2008 Painted Acres Christmas Party for Students. Click here to see the pictures.  

Bucks County Horse Park Annual Awards Banquet   November 15, 2008

Congratulations to our Painted Acres riders under the instruction of Elaine Tweedy!

Brittany Fisher and Artistic Flair - Third Place in Training Level  

Erica Franklin and The Original Sin - Third Place in USDF Introductory Level


Painted Acres wants to welcome a new arrival, Zeppelin. Zeppelin is a Friesian colt owned by Melissa. He currently is 6 months old. Check back often to watch him grow.
On August 4th, 2008, the Hearts for Horses club came for a tour of our farm and to meet the rescue horses. Special thanks to all of you girls (Abby, Rachel, Nicole, Emma, Zoe, Lauren, Mackenzie, Maddie and their wonderful leader Keely Ehrhardt) for your generous donation.
Lori Bilinsky and Elaine Tweedy - Lori and Eagle placed 5th overall in the Introductory Level at the Tuesday Evening Dressage Shows at Bucks County Horse Park under Elaine Tweedy's instruction. This picture was taken at the Annual Awards Banquet.
Lori and Elaine
Recently Girl Scout troop #142 visited Painted Acres . They earned a Horse Fan Badge that day and got to meet Apollo the Horse. These photos are of the kids and parents enjoying Apollo. Also thanks to Beth for helping out with the visit.

Lori and Brad Bilinsky as well as Melissa Santarelli visited Lakeland School District to participate in Dr. Suess Day. They read "Apollo the Horse" to the students. Apollo the Horse was written by Brad and illustrated by Melissa.
Elaine Tweedy, one of our instructors, was recently mentioned in the August 2008 edition of Inc. magazine. Read the article here.
Lori Bilinsky recently won a woman of merit award in the annual award for woman entrepeneur program. This is from the 2007 award luncheon.
Lori's horse Sam, a registered Appalossa, turned 30 years old on June 18, 2008. Happy Birthday Sam!!

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