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Introduced to horses in his mid 20's by his then girlfriend, now wife and business partner Lori, Brad has spent the better part of 15 years acquiring knowledge through seminars, clinics, books and tapes on the "Gentler Way" of treating and training horses. Studying nearly all of the top trainers, he has taken something from each of them and blended that with his own experiences to offer these philosophies and methods to you. Believing firmly that we are all trainers "you are always teaching your horse to do or not do something", he prefers to "teach you to teach your horse". Focusing on the necessary ingredients for a performance horse or just a good old trail pal "Respect, Softness, Speed Control, Despooking, Yielding to Cues, and Safety of the Horse and Rider" are key.

Brad believes there is no room for fear, intimidation or pain in the treating and training of horses. Although, specializing in foundation training and ground control, he also teaches the "Gentler Approach" under saddle. Discipline, gender, breed or age doesn't matter. The basis for a good relationship and responsive horse are the same. Your house and the biggest, tallest building that you can think of both started the same way - digging down and building a good solid foundation. Whether your horse is unbroke or an older horse with bad habits, these methods and philosophies will help.

Come learn to give your horse "CPR" - Consistent, Persistent, Repetition!


"In March of 2006 I fell in love with a beautiful buckskin Arabian Cross that I saw online. Never mind the fact that he wasn't broke, and I had never seen him in person - I had to have him. In May he arrived from Wyoming. It soon became apparent that "Samurai" was much more than I could handle. He was afraid of everything! To quote Brad, "He was given a double dose of flight instinct." I couldn't walk him anyplace without him bolting from me. I couldn't touch his ears or his legs. Still I knew he was friendly, kind and gentle and there was no way I was giving up on him. So I turned to Brad who had helped me with some behavioral issues with my Quarter Horse.

Brad worked with Samurai every day in the round pen, on the lunge line and in the cross ties. At the same time he worked with Samurai on getting used to human interaction and touch. Within two weeks Brad was touching all four legs and hoofs and could get a halter up over his ears. By the next week Samurai was lunging in a saddle and bridle! Week four - I'm sitting on Samurai's back! He's now officially a saddle horse. I can walk him on the lead without fear of him bolting on me, I can lift and pick all four feet, I can tack him up and lunge him on my own; he willingly accepts the bit. I have ridden Samurai a handful of times, granted we're just walking and being lead, but I never would have imagined that it would be possible just 30 days ago.

Samurai and I still have a long way to go, but I know we can get there. You see Brad didn't just train Samurai, he demonstrated his training methods to me so I could continue to employ them on my own. Now I can take the foundation that Brad put in place and build on it using the techniques Brad Taught me."




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