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Apollo the Horse

Below are two photos depicting the condition of Apollo. The first photo shows him upon his arrival to Painted Acres, and the second photo shows Apollo after receiving care and attention from the staff of Painted Acres.

Apollo Before Apollo After

Apollo in May of 2008



Apollo is a 16 year old chestnut thoroughbred that we rescued in 2005. He had stepped on a 3" nail which went thru the flexor tendon and penetrated the navicular bone in his right hind hoof. We had heard that Apollo was going to be put down and through a number of events, we contacted the current owner and asked if we could have Apollo. The owner agreed and we brought Apollo home. We first had our vet look at him. He did not give us much hope for his recovery but left us some bute and antibiotics to help fight the infection that had set in. Our next call was to our farrier, who contacted another farrier in Kentucky who specializes in lameness. He asked us to get x-rays taken and he would take a look at them. His call was very disheartening. He said from the looks of the x-rays it was amazing that the horse was still alive, let along walking. He gave us the results "nail thru flexor tendon and shattered navicular bone". Also, laminitis in the left hind. We would never clear the infection with the oral antibiotics and it would only be a matter of time.

This farrier and his partners never saw Apollo.. only his x-rays. They never saw his will to live, so we knew we couldn't give up. Days, weeks and months went by with daily antibiotics, soaking his feen in Epsom salts, poulticing with mud packs, natural remedies from Springtime Inc and constant love. Apollo taught us how to never give up on something you believe in and has also inspired us to start Kindred Spirits Horse Rescue, so that we may have the opportunity to help many others like him. He also inspired Brad to write a children's book about Apollo. The book can be purchased at our farm or from our website.

Exactly one year after we acquired Apollo, we took him to a vet in New Jersey for a second opinion, taking the original x-rays with us. He watched Apollo go and then took him in the clinic for new x-rays. He said Apollo was a true testimony of what time and nature could do (also, lots of love). We needed to give Apollo three additional months off until a joint fused and then we could ride him lightly! What a happy day!

Apollo continues to amaze us every day.. who knows what he is capable of!

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Apollo the Horse

All proceeds from the book go to support our rescue Kindred Spirits.
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